Thanks to the generosity of the Ashington Co-op, their customers and a lot of hard work from ACCT volunteers, the Ashington Centre has a beautiful new sensory garden for all to admire!

Spring has certainly sprung as a result of skillful planting of over 1,000 daffodils which bloomed in unison a couple of weeks ago, in a specially-constructed raised perimeter border.

Pictured left to right in front of this floral magic are:

Bill Whittaker ACCT Estates Manager, Simon Kinrade ACCT Chair, Lee Hayes Ashington Co-op Store Manager, Bruce Wallace ACCT Financial Controller and Jane Thomas, Co-op Customer Services.

Lee Hayes said: “it is so rewarding to see that with a bit of effort on both sides the Co-op can interact with its village to make a real difference within the community.

We could all do with a bit of colour and pleasing scents at the time of the year when things can be a bit grey”.

The plan is to keep the colour coming throughout the year with a carefully planned planting schedule, which not only looks good but smells beautiful!

Issued by Anthony Gilsenan ACCT (Ashington Community Centre Trust)

Further information:

07836 653063 or

Issued: 21st April 2019