SPEAKERS CORNER

                        Friday Evenings, 7pm

                  Ashington Community Centre

5th April.   Tony Moss.        

‘A Pacific Island Experience

10th May.   Ed Lyall.            

‘Sussex Equine Hospital – caring for and about horses…. and what that really means’

7th June.     Peter Allison.

Do you want to fly a Spitfire?

12th July.    Doug Eaton.      

The Fascinating World of Commemorative Plaques  : “There are not only Blue Plaques, but Red, Brown Green, and Black ones too!”

6th Sept.     Nigel Spiers.      

The horrible history of Horsham and surrounding area

11th Oct.    Graeme MacPherson    

Casualties of the First World War,  the medical evacuation chain on the western front

8th Nov.      Bruce Wallace.    

’Making a Garden’

Open to all. Entrance £5. Students free.  Bring your own ‘picnic’.    Contact Tony Moss (